Restaurant Tasso Menu


                                           Hors d'Oeuvres


Mixed salad with finely sliced parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar

 Caprese salad (fresh Sorrento mozzarella cheese with local tomatoes, oregano, basil) and olives

 Roasted wild octopus served on potatoes and beans with citronette sauce and crunchy fennel

 Scallops with bacon and flavored bread on wild salad, grated artichoke and red wine sauce

Golden prawns wrapped in bacon served on fondue of  Provolone del Monaco cheese, with escarole and fried leeks

Seared Sechuan pepper squid on crunchy vegetables and pumpkin stew

Beaf Carpaccio with oyster mushrooms and mixed vegetables

Duck foie gras scented with sweet Pantelleria wine, caramelized apple and fennel Pernod



                                            Pasta Dishes 


Creamed Carnaroli rise with cod and licorice root grains

Paccheri (large tube pasta) with clams and walnuts flavored with lemon and mint

Spaghetti with seafood (shrimp, squid, clams, mussels and cherry tomatoes)

Fresh home-made pasta with smoked cheese and porcini mushrooms

Fusilli pasta cooked with veal and onion ragù and dried ricotta cheese

Gragnano long Spaghetti with San Marzano tomatoes accompanied with various grated cheeses

Ravioli pasta with potato and ricotta cheese filling on cream of artichokes and mint flavor, blanched scampi with its own bisque



                                         Main Courses 


Sea bass fillet au gratin with sauteed julienne vegetables and ginger

Turbot with capers, sweet onion and diced tomato on a stew of escarole and olives

Mixed grilled fish (whitefish, octopus, salmon, prawns, squid) and mixed salad

Veal chop with cherry tomatoes, rosemary potatoes, and asparague with bacon

Sliced Angus beef with Sechuan pepper, crispy potatoes salad and balsamic sauce

Roasted loin of suckling pig with potato croquettes and cabbage with speck

Loin of lamb with thyme, potatoes, broccoli, and peppers

Grilled chicken with rosemary, potatoes and aubergines

Beef fillet at Rossini style with black truffle flakes, baby potatoes and spinach




                                         Special Dishes


Ziti pasta in Neapolitan meat sauce (veal roulade, beef meatballs and pork ribs)

Mediterranean fish selection with potatoes and broccoli flowers (Squid, prawns, white fish, curled octopus, cod fish and main lobster) (for two persons)

Mixed fried selection of fish with vegetables, fried potatoes and tartar sauce (for two persons)

Chateaubriand with, vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms and béarnaise sauce (for two persons)






Millefeuille with chantilly cream, wild strawberries, pistachio ice cream and crunchy almond

Mignon babà with orange confit, almonds and Grand Marnier sauce

Nougat style ice cream with bitter chocolate sauce, orange confit and magdalene

Chocolate soufflè with vanilla ice cream and cherry

Cheesecake with wild berries and crispy biscuit

Tiramisù with mascarpone cheese and Amaretto liqueur

Ricotta cheese and pear biscuit cake scented with cinnamon sauce