Territory Menu





Roasted wild octopus served on potatoes and beans with citronette sauce and crunchy fennel

Cut pasta with Neapolitan sauce, pork ribs and dry ricotta cheese

Mignon babà with orange confit, almonds and Grand Marnier sauce



                                            Mare e Monti 


Spaghetti with seafood (shrimp, squid,clams, mussels and cherry tomatoes)

 Veal chop with cherry tomatoes, rosemary potatoes, and green beans with bacon

 Nougat style ice cream with bitter chocolate sauce, orange confit and magdalene



                                         Tasting Menu 


Scottish smoked salmon sphere, stuffed with sauerkraut and burrata cheese, on steamed zucchini, spelt salad and citronette sauce

Seared Szechuan pepper squid on crunchy vegetables and pumpkin stew

Fedelini pasta with basil pesto, clams and potatoes

Sea bass fillet au gratin with sauteed julienne vegetables and ginger

 Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream, cherry and orange biscuit