New Year’s Eve Menu

New Year in Sorrento, in the exclusive and central Restaurant Tasso, a few meters from the center of Sorrento, a unique opportunity to enjoy the Sorrento Peninsula during the Christmas time.

This year we are proud to present our New Year's Eve menu, do not hesitate, please fill out the form below and ask for information or reservations.

Happy New Year’s Eve  


Cod foam with reinforced sauce


Scottish smoked salmon sphere stuffed with burrata cheese and sauerkraut on zucchini strips, endive with paprika flakes


Striped pasta tubes of Gerardo di Nola No. 63 

in fish and clams chowder


Turbot fillet sauteed with capers and white leek 

on stewed endive and cream of pumpkin


Shank of suckling baby pig with porcini mushrooms,

 glazed potatoes, red and white cabbage 

with Castelluccio lentils and cotechino


Noto's almond Semifreddo with chocolate sauce,

 glazed chestnuts, orange jelly and wafer biscuit


Year-end Goodies 


Beverage included

Live music


€110,00 per person

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